Best Electric Kettles in India

A Closer Look at the Best Electric Kettles in India – Top Picks and Features

Best Electric Kettles in India

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    Water Kettel 

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    Prestige PKOSS 1.5 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 1500W

    Havells Altro 1.5 Litre Double Wall Kettle 

    Pigeon Kessel Multipurpose Kettle (12173) 1.2 liters with Stainless Steel 

    Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 liter Double Wall Kettle / 304 Stainless

    Singer Aroma 1.8 Litre Electric Kettle High-Grade Stainless Steel 

    Advantages of Using Electric Kettles:

    Electric kettles offer a multitude of benefits that make them a preferred choice for many:
    1. Convenience and Speed: The hallmark of electric kettles is their convenience and speed. With a simple push of a button, water heats up quickly, outperforming traditional stovetop kettles.

    2. Rapid Boiling: Equipped with powerful heating elements, electric kettles excel at rapid boiling, making them ideal for busy mornings or when time is of the essence.

    3. Energy Efficiency: Electric kettles heat only the required amount of water, minimizing energy wastage and reducing electricity bills. This eco-friendly feature resonates with environmentally conscious consumers.

    4. Safety Features: Electric kettles prioritize safety, incorporating automatic shut-off mechanisms that activate when water reaches the boiling point. This prevents overheating and potential accidents.

    5. Temperature Control: Many electric kettles offer temperature control settings, catering to tea and coffee enthusiasts who value precise water temperature for the perfect brew.

    6. Versatility: Electric kettles extend their utility beyond boiling water. They can be used for cooking, sterilizing, and warming a variety of items, enhancing their value in the kitchen.

    7. Portability: Compact and lightweight, electric kettles are travel-friendly and suitable for various settings, be it home, office, or on the go.

    Which type of kettles are the best?

    The best kettle will rely on your individual requirements and preferences.

    Because they are quick and convenient, electric kettles are widely used. They can swiftly boil water because they are electric-powered and contain built-in heating components. Electric kettles are simple to use, frequently have security measures like automatic shut-off, and some types have temperature control options. They can be used at home or when traveling.

    What is the healthiest kettle to boil water?

    A stainless-steel kettle is frequently regarded as the healthiest option for boiling water. Because stainless steel is a non-reactive substance, when water is boiling, it does not release any dangerous chemicals. Additionally, it is rust and corrosion-resistant and simple to clean. So when it comes to heating water, a stainless steel kettle is a reliable and healthful option.

    Best Electric Kettles with 1-Liter Capacity:

    1. Prestige PKOSS 1.5 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 1500W (Silver and Black, 1.5L):

    Prestige PKOSS 1.5 Stainless Steel Electric Kettle 1500W (Silver and Black, 1.5L)

    • Safety First: Automatic cutoff ensures safety by turning off when water boils, preventing accidents.

    • 360-Degree Swivel Base: Convenient for both right and left-handed users.

    • Hassle-free Lid: Single-touch lid locking simplifies opening and closing securely.

    • Powerful Performance: 1500W heating element boils water quickly.

    • Warranty: Covered by a 1-year warranty from BSNL/MTNL.

    2. Havells Altro 1.5 Litre Double Wall Kettle (Black, 1250 Watt):

    • Double Wall Construction: Enhances insulation, maintaining a cool touch exterior.

    • Premium Stainless Steel Tank: 304 stainless steel tank for durability and corrosion

    • Intelligent Boil Dry Protection: Detects lack of water and shuts off heating element.

    • Cool Touch Outer Body: Ensures safe handling even when filled with hot water.

    • Auto Shut Off: Automatically turns off after boiling for energy efficiency.

    • Warranty: Comes with a 2-year warranty.

    3. Pigeon Kessel Multipurpose Kettle (12173) 1.2 litres (Black & Silver):

    • Compact Design: 1.2-liter capacity, perfect for various beverages and dishes.

    • Safety and Convenience: 360-degree swivel base for easy lifting from any direction.

    • Easy Maintenance: Cordless design facilitates storage and cleaning.

    • Power and Efficiency: Operates at 600 watts, suitable for daily needs.

    • Warranty: Includes a 1-year warranty for added peace of mind.

    4: Havells Aqua Plus 1.2 litre Double Wall Kettle / 304 Stainless Steel Inner Body / Cool touch outer body

    • Automatic shut-off function enhances safety.

    • Designed for power input within the range of (220 – 240) V.

    • Interior features integrated stainless-steel construction, specifically 304 stainless steel,
    eliminating plastic components.

    • Outer body remains cool to the touch, promoting energy efficiency and preventing scalding hazards.

    • Wide mouth design facilitates easy tasks such as filling, pouring, and cleaning.

    • Ideal choice for gifting during special occasions, including Diwali.

    5: Singer Aroma 1.8 Litre Electric Kettle High Grade Stainless Steel with Cool and Touch Body

    • The kettle boasts a power of 1500 watts.

    • With a generous capacity of 1.8 liters, it meets your boiling needs efficiently.

    • It features an automatic shut-off function that activates in the event of dry boiling.

    • The kettle is designed with a cordless base for easy handling and movement.

    • Overheat protection ensures a secure and safe boiling experience.

    Key Features:

    • Crafted from food-grade stainless steel, the kettle is both durable and hygienic, making it a reliable choice for boiling water.

    • Its 360° cordless base provides stability while allowing you to swivel the kettle around effortlessly.

    • The inclusion of dry boiling protection ensures added safety by automatically turning off the kettle when it detects no water inside.

    • You’ll have peace of mind with a 1-year manufacturing warranty from the date of purchase.

    Best Electric Kettle Brands:

    When it comes to choosing the best electric kettle, brand reputation plays a crucial role. Some of the most trusted brands in the market include Prestige, Havells, and Pigeon.
    The best electric kettles with a 1-liter capacity offer a blend of convenience, safety, and efficiency. Brands like Prestige, Havells, and Pigeon have earned their reputation for providing top-quality appliances that cater to various preferences and needs. 

    Whether you’re a tea enthusiast or in need of quick hot water for cooking, these electric kettles are designed to enhance your daily routine while ensuring a safe and efficient experience. Make your pick from these remarkable options and elevate your boiling experience with the best electric kettle brand.

    Which is better aluminum or stainless-steel kettle?

    An aluminum kettle is typically preferred over a stainless-steel kettle in terms of toughness, safety, and health considerations. The non-reactive material stainless steel is resistant to rust and corrosion and does not release dangerous chemicals into the water. On the other side, aluminum kettles may react with specific kinds of water or acidic substances, thereby changing the flavor of the water and raising safety issues. Therefore, most users prefer a stainless-steel kettle.

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